Horse Legs

Who We Are

Helping Horses and People In Need

Here at Odds and Ends Equine Sanctuary and Creative Horsemanship, we are driven by a single goal; to rescue and recycle neglected, abused and unwanted horses and incorporate them into our creative horsemanship programs for children and adults.


Saving Amber

Story coming soon.


Leading Our Mission

Executive Director, Lisa Herman

Lisa has been professionally training horses and teaching riders for over 30 years. Personally, she has been involved with horses for over 45 years and has done everything from barrel racing to jumping, dressage, and everything in between.

She graduated from Centenary College in 1988 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Equine Science, followed by her USDF Instructors Certification in 2000. Competitively, she has won many championships and year-end awards in dressage. Lisa's passion and primary discipline is dressage but she has been called " the queen of groundwork" by some, which is a testament to the natural horsemanship she puts into her work.


Where We Started

Founder, Sue Langkafel

"My firsthand experience of horses changing the lives of humans is my own story of profound healing, because of the power and magic of the horse."  Sue started this Nonprofit while recovering in between her 17th and 18th surgery, following a life altering injury in 2010. "Even though I was broken, my students and the horses saw me as a whole. I could not ask for a better way to heal. The simple nicker of acknowledgement from a horse can wash away anxiety and many nuances of stress."  

After 30 years of fostering, rehabbing and re-homing unwanted horses, Sue launched Odds and Ends Equine Sanctuary and Creative Horsemanship Program in 2016.  Her primary mission was rehabilitating unwanted horses so that they can be used for programs that benefit adults and children through equine education and lessons. 

In 2018, faced with another surgery and family health challenges, Sue made the very hard decision to seek new leadership for her beloved non-profit. It was important to turn it over to someone with a deep passion for helping horses and humans thrive. That person was her dear friend since college, Lisa Herman.  Odds and Ends was transferred to Lisa's capable hands in 2019. "I look forward to witnessing the dream succeeding and the mission continuing to help horses and people in need."