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Love for an Air Head

The story of Air in Motion (fondly known as Air Head), and aged Standardbred stallion.

Air In Motion - rescued by Odds & Ends

Air Head's owner passed away suddenly, the fate of her two horses was not clear. Our founder, Sue, jumped into action and quickly found a forever home for a late-teens Standardbred mare. But, who would take an aged and sickly stallion?(Older stallions can not be safely gelded?) Air Head had been neglected and extremely thin. Without hesitation, Sue took him in.

Air Head slowly gained weight and flourished into a lovable horse and favorite of the volunteers who groomed him and gave him lots of well-deserved love and attention. You would never know he was a stallion! Air Head lived two more wonderful years with access to large, green pastures and daily grooming and care. We miss his sweet disposition everyday!  

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